1994 DR350SE

(These should be the same for all street legal, electric start, model years. Feel free to correct any misinformation)

Overall Length 2 165 mm (85.2 in)
Overall Width 885 mm (34.8 in)
Overall Height 1 250 mm (49.2 in)
Seat height

890 mm (35.0 in)

Wheelbase 1 440 mm (56.7 in)
Ground Clearance 310 mm (12.2 in)
Dry Weight 130 kg (286 lbs)
Engine Air/oil-cooled 349 cc SOHC single-cylinder, 4 valves.
Power 30 hp (22.1 kW) @ 7600 rpm
Torque 29.4 Nm @ 6.200 rpm (Sweden)
Transmission 6-speed
Top Speed 75 MPH (This is not accurate, I have had my bike to 90 MPH Indicated)

Some other information that may be useful:

Sparkplug CR9EK-NGK, U27ET-R Nippondenso
Drive Chain 520 X 110
Front Sprocket 15T
Rear Sprocket 41T
Front Tire 80/100-21
Rear Tire 110/90-18
Oil SAE 10w40 API SE or SL, 2.0L with filter change, 1.8L without filter change, 2.2L with engine Rebuild.
Front Fork Oil 10 WT Oil.
Brake Fluid DOT4
Fuel capacity 2.4 US Gal/2.0 IMP Gal, 49 State and UK, 0.5 US Gal Reserve. 2.1 US Gal/1.8 IMP Gal, California, 0.4 US Gal Reserve.
Intake valve clearance (cold) 0.05-0.10 mm, 0.002-0.004 in.
Exhaust valve clearance (cold) 0.08-0.13 mm, 0.003-0.005 in.
Idle Speed 1,400-1,600 RPM
Drive Chain Free Play 25-40 mm, 1.0-1.6 in.
Headlight 60W/55W 12 Volt
Tail/Brake Light 21W/5W 12 Volt

Torque Specifications (FT LBS):

Crankcase Oil Plug 13-16.5
Frame Oil Drain Plug 11-14.5
Oil Strainer 18-21.5
Front Axle 36-58
Rear Axle Nut 61.5-83
Front Fork Cap 21.5-29
Cylinder Head Bolts 25.5-29
Cylinder-cylinder Head Nuts 16.5-19.5
Exhaust Pipe Flange Bolts 13-20
Exhaust Pipe-to-muffler Clamp Bolt 13-20
Muffler Mounting Bolts 16.5-20

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